Mud Logging Services

Gisler Brothers works hard to consistently deliver updated services and quality products while maintaining a fair and competitive price.  We do not engage in price gouging and are up front with all of our services.  Below is a brief synopsis of what our logging service will provide:

Log service:

  • Precise computer generated logs and reports.
    • We work with all clients if they use different formats other than those listed above.
    • Logs are sent out in PDF format and also in the form of a .ML_ (the .ML_ must be opened using our software.  Please see software section below.)
  • Calibrated and tested Gas Detection equipment.
    • We offer both FID and Filament based gas detection systems in order to meet our clients needs.
  • We have the ability to Import/Export data through wits feed.
  • Professional and experienced two (2) member crew.
  • Fully computerized, equipped and clean logging trailer manned 24hrs a day.
  • Cellular phone and Internet Capabilities for voice and data communication.
  • 2 sets of dried and bagged samples.
    • Samples can be either vacuum dried, baked or spun dried.
    • Wet samples are available upon request.
    • Additional Services available at Geologist discretion.
      • GeoJars, IsoTubes,H2S Detection, CO2 Detection and Calcimeter.
  • All final prints, digital data and cuttings are distributed to clients and partners at the end of the well.
For prices please contact the GBL offices at 830-239-4651.

Logging Software:

Gisler Brothers Logging uses MainLog.  MainLog is very responsive in working with GBL to meet our clients requests. MainLog™ Software is windows based and logs can be viewed through a PDF file or an interactive .ML_ file (to view the .ML_ file you must first download the free software at

Some of the Benefits of using MainLog™:
  • MainLog™ will allow you to import the following “curves”
  • Gamma Ray
  • Density, neutron, cross plot, and sonic porosity
  • Up to five resistivity curves
  • PE, SP
  • The following Image files are available through the MainLog™ software as well - BMP, TIF and JPG.
MainLog™ is very user friendly and provides
many additional options than those listed above.
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